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About Us

At Living Earth, we take our name to heart. We firmly believe that everything we accomplish should impact the earth in the least harmful way. After all, we exist on a living, breathing, integrated planet. What we do should sustain this beautifully complex environment, not harm it.

We founded Living Earth on January 1, 2016, with a mission to provide natural, organic beauty products that lead us toward the greater good. We source ingredients locally and create products sustainably, giving communities a helping hand along the way.

Our aha! moment truly developed out of detailed knowledge of the beauty care industry. We began to see the ins and outs, how even though most products were pure, or marketed as pure, they still contributed to a tremendous amount of waste and were made with cheap ingredients. We set out to change that.

Welcoming in Living Earth

Our company first dove in with natural products by way of Etsy, selling bentonite clay sourced from a family mine in California. With a long history of enjoying its benefits, we took steps to share our bentonite clay experience with others.

Then, we introduced activated charcoal. We combined bentonite clay with activated charcoal to create a dual tooth whitening/remineralizing tooth powder that received rave reviews from friends and family. Rigorous testing led to Black Pearl Tooth Powder, a product of the highest quality.

A Sustainable Model

"Every day we try to think of ways to make our product more sustainable."

Sustainability is the lifeblood of Living Earth. It shows in how we source ingredients and in how we develop our packaging. We factor in everything from our lids to our labels, always searching for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and become closer to our zero-waste, 100 percent eco-friendly goal.

Our glass jars are manufactured in the Midwest, and our fair trade ingredient partners are based throughout the United States. Ingredients that cannot be sourced from within America are purchased from U.S. suppliers dedicated to sustainable methods. We're experimenting with PLA (plant-based) plastic packaging materials, and we're also working to create biodegradable toothbrushes and other products. We are proud of our cruelty-free practices and organic ingredients.